Welcome to Sara Lerner Ceramics of Palm Beach, Florida – The home of Sara Lerner Ceramics! As a ceramic artist and dedicated yogi, I specialize in timeless, hand-crafted artisan pottery that speaks to the beauty of home and heart. I’m incredibly pleased that you are here; it is an honor and great joy to share my love of our earth and of life with you through these impassioned creations.

Made to delight, inspire and engage, my pots are an invitation for enduring communion with Self and life. Each one is a meditation, imbued with positive intention, peace and love. The clean, elegant forms offer a resting place for the eye and soul, and serve as a reminder for us to come home to ourselves, to rest in being.

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Sara Lerner ceramics have unlimited uses and are completely eco-friendly (non-toxic, lead-free, food, microwave and dishwasher safe). They are a fun addition to any room at home or in the workplace; they make great gifts, are ideal for serving your favorite food or beverage, and are great for retail sale in specialty gift stores, spas and resorts.

Use them for quiet contemplation or playful celebration. It matters not, for their beauty lies in the life they take as they move through life with you!

Contact me with any questions you may have; it is my pleasure to speak with you.

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