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About Palm Beach Ceramic Artist Sara Lerner

Sara Lerner’s passion for clay and “throwing pots” began very early in life. What is now the Norton Museum of Art, in Palm Beach County, was the birthplace of her fervent love affair with ceramics – a love affair that has grown stronger over the years, and one that will undoubtedly last a lifetime. 

“Hardly a day has gone by since that I haven’t thought about bringing new life to the planet in the form of an earthen vessel.”

Made to delight, to inspire and engage, Sara’s ceramics are as practical as they are playful, serving as a gateway for an owner’s unique personal expressions and explorations while, at the same time, reminding us of the utter simplicity and universal appeal of all things natural.

“As a yogi and teacher of yoga, I am continually amazed by the similarities between yoga and ceramics. There is a single-pointed focus from the very first movement through the final stages of creation. The vessel (whether body or clay) is shaped from the center. Working from the inside out allows the full energetic expression of the piece to come forward. It is divine alchemy.”

The space with which I create is cultivated through my meditation practice; the freedom of movement in a carafe is the same as in asana; and the surprise and delight that I feel when removing a set of pots from the kiln is the same that I feel while accomplishing a headstand on my own.

Yoga is about union; it fosters relatedness with oneself and others. This is no different for ceramics. Sara’s deep interest in relationship, and relationship formed around pots – a cup of tea, a bowl of ice cream, a vase of fresh flowers – is what drives her into the studio to create.

“Overall, the elements of ceramic work that attracted me as a child still draw me today. The history, symbolism and sense of timelessness that can be conveyed through ceramics, and my love for functional pots, are some of the many reasons I have remained true to the craft.”

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